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IMG 3809

From: Swift Fox@
Time: 09/01/2009 14:14:30
Comment: Baxxter!! :)


From: kasper93@
Time: 05/09/2009 01:22:25
Comment: giver du nogle sinde din bamse ble på? hvis du gør så send lige et billed til min email (kasperandersen.93@hotmail.com)


From: kasper93@
Time: 05/09/2009 01:18:52
Comment: har du selv taget det billed? og hvis du har så synes jeg det er cool. 8D hvad bruger du tingene til skriv det til mig på DKFur.dk

IMG 3498

From: twitchferret@
Time: 03/25/2009 20:12:42
Comment: awesome ra'zac


From: WhiteWolf@
Time: 01/16/2008 21:50:44
Comment: Waaaaww thats a Nice Doggy there mmm luv those ones. Greetz from a belgian Wuffy

IMG 1533

From: Pinky@
Time: 08/08/2007 00:02:29
Comment: Teehee Terril is sooo camera shy! =^_^=

IMG 1298

From: Swift Fox@
Time: 07/12/2007 14:33:20
Comment: It's Ashes the Fire Dog! Great pic! Thanks! :) *hugs*

IMG 0761

From: Pinky@
Time: 05/19/2007 20:32:27
Comment: Heheh the foxie looks like he likes it. Very adorable picture. =^_^=

IMG 0760

From: Pinky@
Time: 05/19/2007 20:31:46
Comment: Awwww! Foxie snuggles are the best! =^_^=

IMG 0759

From: Pinky@
Time: 05/19/2007 20:31:01
Comment: Heheh clever fox! =^_^= The view is so much better from up there.

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